vastmedia consulting
We offer a slate of services ranging from ad-hoc research to creative consulting and digital business development. Our regular industry reports provide clients with the latest best practices in online format extensions, social TV and second screen activations, TV-related online marketing campaigns, multiplatform projects, and branded storytelling.
Ad-hoc Research & Analysis
VAST CONSULTING, at your service! We've compiled numerous customized studies and research projects for our clients that cover a broad range of topics. For example, select international news brands and their social media strategies, YouTube talent research for multi-channel networks, broadcasters and brands, and specific genre benchmark reports about sports, comedy, and kids content.
Digital Extensions of Formats
Need a boost? Let us help you push your format, pitch, or TV show by making it relevant to a multi-screens reality. We create custom ‘digital extension’ concepts that guide our clients from idea to design to execution. It doesn’t matter where you are in a show’s development, we can work with anything from an initial one-pager and to a new show in its infancy to an established series launching a later season.
Company-level Strategic Projects
Digital is more than just marketing. It is big enough to enhance anything from revenue models to new IP and corporate culture. We can create a feasible and tailored strategy, focusing on specific projects that will execute a change and raise the company’s reach to new markets and skills. Let us save you time with our expertise and lessons learned from other markets.
Presentations & Workshops
We'll gladly share our know-how so you'll have the skills you need to grow and sustain your potential. We've held presentations and workshops around the globe, e.g. in France (MIPCOM, MIPTV, MIPFormats), Singapore (Asia TV Forum), South Korea (Busan Content Market), USA (Future of Television Conference, New York), Canada (CTYS Montreal), Switzerland (Entertainment Master Class), and Germany (Social TV Summit Munich).
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Inspiration and custom solutions for your business
We provide international television industry leaders and digital content creators with customized consultancy and development solutions.

We’re passionate about all areas in the media industry and have got the experience to match it. Whether it’s ad-hoc research and analysis, company-level strategic projects and digital extensions, or presentations and workshops — we work closely with our clients to craft tailor-made work packages according to their individual business needs.

Let us help you get inspired, perform your due diligence for upcoming projects, develop strategies to increase your reach to new markets and audiences, or create digital extensions people will actually talk about. We’d love to be a part of your project!
vastbuzz at a Glance
Discover the best of VAST BUZZ’s curated content! Here you’ll find featured or recently added brands, formats, agencies, platforms, and broadcasters as well as daily and highlight cases pertaining to an overarching topic, e.g. best-ofs, editorial staff picks, recent promotions for a new season of a popular show, major sporting, and cultural events, industry-related conferences and trade fairs, or inspiring activations, extensions, and campaigns.
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